The EdVenture Begins.

Rufus, resident ambassodor from the future, kicks off the podcast to help the guys get started on their road to destiny – to create The Brochure which will, eventually, result in world peace and prosperity. But with these two clowns, uh I mean professionals, it ain’t gonna be easy.

The guys catch up on pear recipes and birthday parties before Rufus nudges them to talk about this week’s “Righteous Wisdom for the Ages” blog. Nick provides an inspiring read of “No Plan B, it distracts from Plan A” and the guys discuss their reactions.

In the “Building the Brochure” segment, Dr. Rick interviews Dr. Nick to help explore and reveal Nick’s secret sauce for inspiration and success. Nick discusses his experiences as a Professional Wrestler, the Penn State Nittany Lion Mascot, Teacher, Father, Husband, Middle School Principal, Son, Brother, and more.

Dr. Nick – who Rick suggests is The Real Greatest Showman – shares personal successes and challenges, giving folks a chance to begin to get to know and appreciate the man behind his many faces. The “Every Rose has It’s Thorn” segment is woven into the interview in this inaugural session and Nick responds by sharing a few stories from his days as the Nittany Lion mascot and as a Professional Wrestler, and then culminates with his thoughts on Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, & 9.

The guys dig into the mailbag in the last segment to respond to fan questions. Rufus answers, well sort of answers, an interesting question about the future and Rick shares his thoughts on his preferences were he an Animagus.

Enjoy the Very Beginning of The Excellent EdVenture!