A Perfect Potpourri of Patience, Professional Wrestling, Video-lectures, Reboots, and Zombies!

Nick starts things off with some hilarious, education themed Dad-jokes! Rick shares about a new addition to the Albright family – a six-week old, one pound pup named Diesel that his daughter Kaylie brought home.

Dr. Nick reads through the blog from this week. A synthesis of several wisdom-filled short stories and slow-burn storylines from Professional Wrestling of all places emphasize the importance of having patience. School administrators and teachers will benefit from the opportunity to self-reflect and consider their own reactions to stressful situations. Rick resonates strongly with the story, though admits to struggling with having patience himself. He shares a few Mr. Miyagi quotes and discusses the importance of delayed gratification for kids growing up and also for counselors/therapists.

In the “Building the Brochure” segment, Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick continue their investigation of Edutopia’s ten most impactful research studies from 2022. The guys review #9 this week which explores the academic benefits of video recorded lectures. Rick’s daughter – Kaylie is this week’s special guest. Currently a high school senior, Kaylie discusses her experiences taking a difficult class– Anatomy and Physiology – in preparation for heading off to college to pursue Nursing. Kaylie discusses her instructors’ use of recorded lectures, sharing both advantages as well as disadvantages of the style and approach to learning the challenging material. Dr. Rick and Dr. Nick then spend some time reflecting upon how a “flipped classroom” allows for optimal use of class time, discussion, and advanced learning strategies via Bloom’s taxonomy. Student motivation seems to be a key consideration as well as user-friendly video recording tools such as edpuzzle.com and go.playposit.com which allow students to pause, rewind, and respond to pop-up questions. Dr. Nick provides some excellent tips for teachers’ and parents’ use of wait time and patience, tying this segment back into this week’s blog.

The Every Rose has Its Thorn segment this week provides the guys an opportunity to discuss TV Show Reboots and Spinoffs. Nick isn’t a fan of some of the Chicago-based spin-offs of Dick Wolf’s Law and Order. But he enjoyed many Happy Days, watching spin-offs Laverne & Shirley and one of his all-time favorites – Mork and Mindy. Both guys were fans of the infamous Fonz “Jumping the Shark” episode. Rick’s thorn is Friends’ short-lived spinoff – Joey. Rick admits to being a “trekkie”, including The Next Generation and Brave New World as rosy spin-offs. A sci-fi junkie, Rick also sings praises of Battlestar Galactica. Nick mentions loving the old Quantum Leap, but not caring for the recent reboot.  

The last segment finds the guys digging back into the mailbag to respond to fan questions. Rick and Nick respond to a twitter question about what responsibilities should be taken off teachers’ plates. Nick responds in an unconventional way, but one which teachers should definitely consider. Rick responds from a school counseling perspective, sharing a few responsibilities which would be better managed by other education professionals. The last question finds the guys responding to where they would go in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse. After a quick trip to Disney, Nick would hang out with Harrison Ford in Wyoming. Meanwhile, Rick would head to an island and burn the bridges.

Enjoy Episode XVII of Nick & Rick Christmas’s Excellent EdVenture!