Rick and Nick begin today’s episode by recounting some of their recent adventures in Phoenix Arizona where they presented at the Arizona School Counseling Association annual conference. The guys and their wives enjoyed an E-bike ride through the Sonoran Desert and were impressed with how much fun they had on their first time riding E-bikes. 

Dr. Rick reads through his somewhat lengthy blog from this past week – “Let’s Play Two Truths and a Lie.” Dr. Nick shares his reactions, providing some valuable insights regarding the importance of honesty from the unique perspective of school administration. Both men agree that this activity, often used as a simple icebreaker game, has potential to be used to address a wealth of important issues.

In the “Building the Brochure” segment, Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick continue and wrap up their investigation of Edutopia’s ten most impactful research studies from 2022. The guys review #10 this week – “Spacing and Active Retrieval are two of the Most Effective Ways to Drive Long-Term Retention.” The guys engage in a good discussion about how to make best use of Active Retrieval, the impact of application, role play, and strategies for reducing procrastination. Any educator interested in metacognition will pick up some helpful tips for implementing these strategies.

The Every Rose has Its Thorn segment this week provides the guys an opportunity to discuss 80’s Pop. Nick talks about growing up listening to the Jackson 5 and the dominance of MJ in the 80’s music scene. Rick selects Huey Lewis and the News and Genesis as two of his roses from this incredible era. Both guys seem to suggest that their only thorn in this category is their lament that “they don’t make music like this any more.” 

The last segment finds the guys digging back into the mailbag to respond to fan questions. Rick responds to the first question about the difference between a career as a counselor versus a career as a therapist. Both guys then respond to a question about their “Pet Peeves.” Nick has a list which includes noisy breathing, “people who don’t listen”, eyebrows, missing Lego pieces, and that “in between good books” feeling, among other frustrations. Rick grumbles about empty ice cube trays, talking babies, and being touched when he is eating.

Rick Enjoy Episode XVIII of Nick & Rick Christmas’s Excellent EdVenture!