The Excellent EdVenture Episode 2.

With Rufus away doing “future stuff”, the guys feel free to take their time and catch up a bit. Nick talks about the challenges of growing a maple tree and Rick fills folks in on the fallout from a summer boating fiasco. Rick then reads and leads a discussion relevant to this week’s “Righteous Wisdom for the Ages” blog entitled “Wise Woman.” The guys discuss the dangers of complaining about life and work, while attempting to stay positive.

In the “Building the Brochure” segment and at Rufus’s prompting from last time, roles are reversed this week and Dr. Nick interviews Dr. Rick. Nick has some very nice things to say about Rick, motivating him to reminisce and reflect a bit on his experiences playing Penn State Football, Boxing, trying to find the right career with the wrong major, running a coal business in central Pennsylvania, and a bit about his spiritual identity. Rick shares the challenges and rewards of having two sets of kids in very different life stages in the “Every Rose has its Thorn” segment.

The guys dig back into the mailbag in the last segment to respond to more fan questions. Nick and Rick seem eager to share their thoughts about how to know whether or not teaching a good fit professionally and Nick responds to a question about how he stays connected to others who have donned the Nittany Lion mascot outfit.

Enjoy the SECOND EVER episode of Nick & Rick’s Excellent EdVenture!