The Excellent EdVenture Episode 24

Rick and Nick begin today’s episode with an update regarding how the Excellent Edventure has spread across the country and across the globe over the past seven months. With 39 states and 98 countries tuning in to the podcast, blog, and/or website resources, the guys have exceeded Rufus’s expectations to this point. Nick shares some exciting news about his family’s recent purchase of a Class C Motorhome. Adventures are on the horizon for the entire Indeglio family! 

Dr. Rick reads through his blog entitled “The Power of a Name.” Nick talks about a relevant initiative that his school does called “The Do You See Me” activity, which helps identify kids who have less connections with teachers in order to prompt student support. A complete description of the activity can be found at The challenge to learn kids’, students’, or athletes’ names is significant, but very much worth the effort.

Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick are thrilled to welcome The Voice: Season 23 Superstar Katie Beth Forakis as their special guest on today’s show. Dr. Rick and Katie reminisce a bit about sharing a class together at Lee University many years ago and now in the graduate program at Liberty University. Katie Beth, just days away from graduating with a master’s degree in school counseling, talks about some of the things she loves most about her experiences working in the schools as a school counselor. Dr. Nick invites Katie to talk about handling both the positive comments from social media as well as how she handles not so positive comments. Teens and adults at any age will want to hear about how she manages both, trying to focus on the positive feedback. Katie Beth’s wisdom, confidence, poise, and perspective are truly impressive for a person in any stage of life. Dr. Nick provides information for everyone to connect with Katie on all different kinds of social media. Katie Beth shares some exciting news about her musical career including a brand new single to be released in June, 2023 and a slate of new, original songs coming out later this year. She credits her amazing support system, including husband Demitri, with the incredible success she has been having over the past year. 

Katie Beth sticks around for another music-themed Every Rose has Its Thorn segment this week. The topic for this week is “Movie Musicals.” Rick starts things off with a few of his thorns, including Little Shop of Horrors and Lala Land before moving on to roses such as Viva Las Vegas and The Greatest Showman. Nick and Katie strongly prefer live performances to knock-off movies and suggest that as their thorn. Nick goes with West Side Story, Singing in the Rain, and his favorite – The Wizard of Oz. Katie’s roses include Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music.

With all that amazing content, the mailbag will have to wait until next week. Until then, enjoy Episode 24 of Rick & Nick’s Excellent Edventure!