Rick starts things off today by quizzing Dr. Nick on Gen Z slang. Spoiler alert: Nick knocks it out of the park.

Dr. Nick reads through the blog from this week entitled “Unlocking Success: 16 Keys to Educational Leadership (Keys 1-4).” Rick and Nick discuss this profound insight and also Nick’s suggestions for how teachers should spend their summer break.

In the “Building the Brochure” segment, Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick continue to work their way through the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets. This week, they investigate #29 and #30, focused on “honesty” and “responsibility.” The guys discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding character education.

The Every Rose has Its Thorn segment this week is centered on the guys take on cartoons! It shouldn’t surprise anyone that both guys miss Saturday morning cartoons from the 80’s, but the guys also have some nice things to say about more current toons like “Bluey.”

The guys tackle some interesting questions in the email-bag Q & A today. They respond to a fun question about what they wanted to be when they grew up when they were in elementary school. Nick’s imagined himself as Hulk Hogan and Rick playing first base for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Enjoy Episode XXV of Rick and Nick’s Excellent Edventure!