The Excellent EdVenture Episode 4.

This episode kicks off with the guys catching up what they’ve been up to of late. Rick talks a little about his recent Fall Break family trip to Pensacola Beach and Toby’s aversion to jellyfish. Middle School Principal – Dr. Nick – shares about how a simple conversation turned into a movie-making competition with one of his students and production of “The Cornman.”. Rick then reads his blog from this past week “Helping the Butterfly” which prompts the guys to discuss the dangers of advice-giving and the benefits of allowing others to learn from natural consequences. 

In the “Building the Brochure” segment, Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick continue their investigation into Search Institute’s research on the 40 Developmental Assets. For this first week, they share experiences and reactions to the assets three and four – “Other Adult Relationships” and a “Caring Neighborhood”. Nick points out how important it is for kids to have support from multiple caring adults and Rick considers an expanded definition for “neighbors’ to include a school community.

The Every Rose has Its Thorn segment revolves around Fall/Autumn this week. The beauty of the leaves changing and hiking in the cool weather are a few of the rosier aspects of the season. On the thornier side, the guys discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder and Rick’s disconnect from football.

The guys dig back into the mailbag in the last segment to respond to more fan questions. Dr. Rick starts by going back to a question from last week’s episode to share some additional information on finding qualified counselors. Nick then shares some brilliant advice for Heather from TX, an elementary school teacher who is having an incredibly difficult year. Things end on a lighter note as the guys respond to another listener about their pre-workout routines and the challenges of keeping in shape in their mid-forties.

Enjoy Episode Four of Nick & Rick’s Excellent EdVenture!