The Excellent EdVenture Episode 6.

So when exactly is the right time to “Deck the Halls?” Rick shares his Rocky-esque inspiration for timing Christmas decorations and Nick shares a bit about decorating for the holidays in the Indeglio household as well. Dr. Rick then segues into the reading of this week’s blog – “Lucky Charms and The Ring of Power.” Rick and Nick talk about inherent challenges of the helping professions and the importance of persevering through difficult times. 

In the “Building the Brochure” segment, Dr. Nick and Dr. Rick continue their investigation into Search Institute’s research on the 40 Developmental Assets. This week, they share experiences and reactions to the assets Seven – Community Values Youth (young person perceives that the community values young people) and Eight – Youth as Resources (young person serves in the community one or more hours per week). Rick shares some of the community agencies and nonprofits that school counselors often collaborate with and the guys discuss both opportunities and challenges for schools in regards to engaging in community service projects.

The Every Rose has Its Thorn segment focuses on the hit Netflix tv show Cobra Kai. The guys discuss the show’s inauspicious beginnings on Youtube Red, leading up to it’s current status as one of the most popular TV shows seen around the world. 

The guys dig back into the mailbag in the last segment to respond to more fan questions. Rick starts with a question from a former student, a newlywed, looking for some advice. The guys share some of their thoughts, including what research says about the power of prayer and Nick’s wise recommendation to always consider if the “juice is worth the sqeeze” when choosing ones battles. Rufus joins the guys to respond to a question from Rick’s teenage daughter – Desi – “Would you rather fight one hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” Lastly, the guys respond to a question from Amos in West Virginia about the best national parks and outdoor areas in both PA and TN.

Enjoy Episode Six of Nick & Rick’s Excellent EdVenture!