Summary: In this episode, Rick and Nick discuss the top research studies in the field of education for 2023. They focus on the ninth study, which is about social and emotional learning (SEL). The study found that students who participated in SEL programs showed improvements in academic performance, school climate, social emotional skills, and pro-social behaviors. The hosts also discuss the controversy surrounding the term ‘social emotional learning’ and the importance of involving parents in SEL. They recommend several SEL programs, including Second Step, Coping Cat, and Zones of Regulation.   Takeaways:

  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) programs have been found to improve academic performance, school climate, and social emotional skills.
  • The term ‘social emotional learning’ can be controversial, and some people have negative associations with it. It may be more effective to use alternative terms, such as life skills or emotional regulation training.
  • Parents play a crucial role in cultivating social emotional learning in their children. Educators and counselors can provide resources and support to help parents in this process.
  • There are several recommended SEL programs, including Second Step, Coping Cat, and Zones of Regulation.

Chapters: 00:00-Introduction to Season Two 01:33-Starting with Number Nine 03:12-Meta Analysis on Social and Emotional Learning 08:21-Controversy Surrounding the Term ‘Social Emotional Learning’ 14:12-The Role of Parents in Social Emotional Learning 16:23-Involving Parents in Social Emotional Learning 21:38-Recommended Social Emotional Learning Programs 23:51-Importance of Social Emotional and Academic Learning 24:23-Wrap-up and Shout-out to Riverside