Season 2 Episode 11: The Blog “Turn the Other Cheek” – Navigating Conflict with Grace


  • The conversation covers a range of topics, including summer activities, family updates, wrestling, and a blog on navigating parental conflict with grace. The themes of forgiveness, grace, and modeling behavior for children are prevalent throughout the discussion.


  • The importance of forgiveness and grace in navigating parental conflict
  • Modeling behavior for children by demonstrating emotional regulation and making thoughtful decisions
  • The impact of personal experiences on emotional responses and the journey to healing
  • The significance of turning the other cheek as a demonstration of inner strength and grace
  • The role of faith and biblical wisdom in guiding responses to conflict and emotional turmoil

Sound Bites

  • “Modeling emotional regulation and making thoughtful decisions for children”

Chapters 00:00Navigating Summer Activities and Family Updates 03:00The World of Wrestling and Personal Reflections 11:00Navigating Parental Conflict with Grace