Summary: In this conversation, Nick and Rick catch up and discuss various topics, including packing for a trip, weather predictions, and the final blog post on educational leadership. They also delve into the 16 keys to educational leadership, highlighting the importance of resilience, vulnerability, punctuality, and simplicity. Nick shares his process of selecting and arranging the keys, and even submits an article on the topic. The conversation concludes with a plug for Riverside FM, the platform they use for recording.   Takeaways

  • Resilience and embracing the challenges of educational leadership are essential for success.
  • Apologizing when warranted fosters trust and respect in leadership.
  • Punctuality reflects a leader’s respect for others and their commitment to their work.
  • Simplicity in decision-making can lead to more efficient and effective outcomes in leadership.
  • Selecting and arranging key principles requires reflection and consideration of their flow and impact.

Chapters 00:00-Introduction and Catching Up 02:03-Packing for a Trip 03:27-Weather and Snow Predictions 05:23-Final Blog Post on Educational Leadership 11:52-Summary of the 16 Keys to Educational Leadership 13:08-Resilience and Apologies 14:07-Vulnerability and Trust 17:55-Punctuality and Respect 19:51-Being Late and Sending the Wrong Message 22:50-Simplicity in Leadership 27:49-Choosing the 16 Keys to Educational Leadership 32:19-Arranging the Keys in a Meaningful Order 32:58-Submitting the Article to PA Principles Association 33:18-Closing and Plug for Riverside FM