In this conversation, Nick and Rick discuss their favorite sports movies. They cover a wide range of films, including St. Ralph, The Wrestler, The Cutting Edge, and Over the Top. They also debate whether certain movies are actually sports movies or fall into other genres. The conversation is filled with nostalgia, personal anecdotes, and passionate opinions about these beloved films.


–Sports movies can evoke strong emotions and have a lasting impact on viewers. –Some movies may blur the line between sports movies and other genres, leading to debates and disagreements. –Certain movies, despite being critically panned, can still be enjoyable and hold a special place in people’s hearts. –Movies based on true stories can provide a deeper level of emotional connection and appreciation.


00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage 00:57 St. Ralph – A Fictional Running Movie 03:03 The Wrestler – Depiction of the Independent Wrestling Scene 05:09 Movies That Are Not Sports Movies 06:26 Movies from the 80s and 90s 08:39 Movies with Inspirational Endings 09:28 The Cutting Edge – A So Bad It’s Good Movie 09:57 Movies with Emotional Impact 11:33 Movies That Sparked Disagreements 13:03 Movies Based on True Stories 14:13 Field of Dreams – Sports Movie or Drama? 15:23 Mighty Ducks – A Childhood Favorite 15:52 Best of the Best – A So Bad It’s Good Movie 16:46 Sports Movies Starring Animals 17:18 Rookie of the Year – A Disappointing Movie 18:20 Over the Top – A Guilty Pleasure 20:59 Movies That Are Difficult to Watch 21:20 Movies About Pete Rose 22:31 The Cutting Edge – A Friend’s Favorite Movie 23:29 Over the Top – A Terrible Movie That’s Fun to Watch 26:02 Closing Remarks